Selenium- Omega Horseshine / Omega Grande / Daily Requirements

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What is considered optimal for horses?

  •  Horses need between 1 -3 mg per day.  Recommendations are closer to 3 for optimal health.  The guidelines for concentration in the total feed are .1 to .3 ppm.  Essentially if a horse ate 10 kgs (2% of bwt for average horse) they would get the right amount.  Complete feeds are limited to this upper guideline in order to prevent toxicity as well as limit environmental contamination.  Supplements will be much higher in concentration because the horse would consume far less.

Safe Limits/Upper Limits

  • The suggested toxicity level is 2-5 ppm, or again using our 500kg horse eating at 2% would be 20-50 mg of SE

Omega Grande

  • If feeding recommended 3 scoops (provided) of Omega Grande per day , 0.95mg of Se per 3 scoop serving, it will meet the daily needs of Se. It is a safe mark / pretty much all of what the horse needs (from our OG supplement) as we don’t know what else the horse is consuming in its daily ration

Omega Horseshine

  • Guaranteed Analysis lists Se as 1.90 ppm Min.
  • Horseshine would provide 19% of the horse’s minimum requirement of Se

Also on our website, two links for Se and PPM conversion

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