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  • Omega Fields Product Safety Statement

    Omega Fields® takes great pride in being able to assure our customers that our flaxseed-based
    supplements are produced using only the highest quality,  Non-GMO, North American flaxseed available .  Our goal is always to promote good health and well-being for people and the animals they love.
    All flaxseed is milled using a proprietary stabilization process that allows us to guarantee a minimum of 18 months shelf life under ambient storage conditions with no refrigeration required for most products.  In addition, a proprietary “kill step” process is used that ensures very low total microbial values and guards against microbial pathogens.
    Omega Fields® values our customers and makes every effort to ensure that every experience
    with our products, our website, and our people is the best we can offer
    Please call Connor Moriarty,  Customer Care Specialist, at 1-877-663-4203, Ext. 106 with any
    questions or concerns. Thank you for choosing Omega Fields® — "NUTRITION FOR A

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