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  • Picture Pups

    Written By Barbara O'Brien

    Just thought I’d share some fun images from a recent shoot with some eight week old American Eskimo puppies. It’s not easy to convince puppies to stay in one place much less as a group.

    I usually start out with one pup.

            It takes a little convincing to get them to stay on the set.
             Ok, that’s better. Could you sit, please?
                    Good sit! Good Puppy!
                Then, I will add another. Could you both look here please?
                 Nice! Good Pups!
               Then I will try for three.
               Hey! Get back here!
               Now you listen to the nice lady, little brother!
             There! That’s it! Such good pups!
    I must admit it is all worth it in the end. Who wouldn’t love getting puppy kisses from puppies like these?


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