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Neem shampoo and hydrating conditioner made with organic neem leaf oil for horses for optimum coat, mane & tail condition, help with skin problems. Natural outdoor spray safely protects horse, inhibits fungus & bacteria.

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Product Benefits
Product Benefits

Neem Shampoo

  • Soothing formula for a beautiful coat
  • Contains: Chamomile, Amica, Pine Bark, Basil and Cherry Bark
  • Gentle and soap free

Neem & Aloe Conditioner

  • For mane, tail and coat
  • Gentle soothing formula
  • Great for horses with sensitive skin
  • Contains certified organic human grade ingredients 

Neem & Aloe Herbal Horse Spray

  • Made with certified organic human grade ingredients
  • Safely protects horse and rider naturally
  • Free of deet, pyethrin and permethrin
  • Inhibits fungus, bacteria and other organisms
  • Good for skin
  • The Neem base of formulation acts on various insects by
  • Disrupts development of eggs, larvae, pupae
  • Blocks the molting of larvae or nymphs
  • Disrupts mating
  • Repels larvae & adults
  • Deters feeding , blocks the ability to swallow and sends metamorphosis awry at various stages
  • Overtime population of insects around farm will gradually decrease
  • Developed in the harsh environment of the Florida Everglades
Product Description
Product Description

Equiderma Neem Shampoo:

Our Equiderma Neem Shampoo plays triple duty by not only cleaning your horse to perfection, imparting a shine like no other, but it will also inhibit any organisms lurking on your horses skin from gaining a foot hold. Use as a part of your regular grooming regimen to keep your horses coat in optimum condition or as a part of our system to attack skin problems. This is an organic neem leaf and neem oil based formula which also contains arnica, pine bark , basil, chamomile, and cherry bark for optimal cleansing with a long-lasting nourishing effect on the skin. Our formulation is soap-free and is combined by the cleanest and greenest, plant based, cutting-edge products on the market today. It is designed to improve the condition of the skin without stripping natural oils that are essential for a shiny, glossy, healthy coat. It gives a silky sheen to all coat colors and adds body and fullness to manes and tails. Rinses clean with one pass over your horse, so no more rinsing and scraping to remove all the soap. We recommend leaving our product on for up to one hour on the first application or any time extra protection is desired.

Equiderma Neem Oil Conditioner:

Does your horse’s look like they just stepped out of a salon? No? Well, drench them in nourishment with our powerhouse Equiderma Neem Conditioner and they surely will. Intelligently formulated with neem leaf and oil, jojoba, vitamin E, panthenol and castor oil, this renewing formula will strengthen and soften all at once smoothing your horse’s mane, tail and coat to their silkiest potential. Our naturally hydrating conditioner promotes healthier skin while soothing dryness, itching and flaking. Rinse it out and watch as your horse’s coat dries to a brilliant shine, but beauty isn’t all there is to it. We could have simply settled for beauty but this conditioner also has plenty of brawn by inhibiting skin problems like rain rot, mane and tail itching and other skin problems that plague our horses. It’s the perfect treatment for all around great care. Great for people, dogs and all other creatures with hair.

Equiderma Neem Outdoor Spray:

There's a new Sheriff in town and he's not taking any guff. Imagine going out for a ride and never having to worry about biting insects on you or your horse... Imagine tucking them in for the night with that satisfied feeling of confidence because you know they are protected. Imagine a spray so bad ass it's actually good for the skin and with every powerful micro droplet it is inhibiting fungus, bacteria and other organisms, so the bad guys never get a chance to take up shop.

Equiderma Outdoor Spray safely combines all the best players in nature's defense arsenal to keep you and your horse naturally protected and carefree. The Neem base of our formulation act on various insects in the following ways, so over time the overall population around your farm will gradually decrease. Like all good Sheriffs, blood lust will be shut down in the most peaceful way possible.

Disrupts the development of eggs, larvae, or pupae, blocks the molting of larvae or nymphs, disrupting mating and sexual communication, repels larvae and adults, deters females from laying eggs, sterilizing adults, poisons larvae and adults, deters feeding, blocks the ability to swallow, sends metamorphosis awry at various stages. Developed in the harsh environment of the Florida Everglades. Safe for both horse and rider.


Nutrition & Usage
Nutrition & Usage


Shampoo Instructions:

Apply directly to horse or dilute according to preference.
Leave on for 10 minutes up to 1 hour.
Rinse well.

Notice how quickly and easily Equiderma Neem Shampoo rinses is one pass. Be happy that you have bathed your horse with the best shampoo found anywhere on Earth. Notice the shine and how long it lasts.
Neem Oil Conditioner:

Fill a bucket with warm water
Add Equiderma Neem Conditioner to desired amount and mix well
Dip entire tail in conditioner solution and pour remaining from poll to tail
For concentrated treatment apply directly to coat, mane and tail
Allow to remain on for 10 minutes to 1 hour
Rinse well and sit back and admire your silky, glowing horse

Neem Outdoor Spray:

Apply as necessary

Shampoo Ingredients:

Contains: *Neem Leaf * Neem Oil * Arnica * Pine Bark * Basil * Chamomile * Cherry Bark

Neem Oil Conditioner Ingredients:

Contains: *Neem * Jojoba Oil * Vitamin E * Castor Oil * Vitamin B5

Neem Outdoor Spray Ingredients:

Contains: *Aqueous extract of Neem Leaf * Aloe Vera Gel * Neem Oil * Red Cedar Oil * Eucalyptus * White Thyme * Lemongrass * Citronella * Lemon Peel * Tea Tree * Lavender


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