Horse Products

Customer Testimonials:

Exceptional Ingredients

No artificial preservatives, colors, additives. GMO Free!

Extended Shelf Life

12-18 months, proprietary technology.

Custom Designed Nutrition

Formulation advised by equine professional Dr. Kristina Hiney, PhD.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfied customers that recommend our products to their friends.

"Thank you, Omega Fields, for giving us a gorgeous horse, inside and out!"

- Sara & Elizabeth McNeil

Horse Products

  • 20 lb Omega Horseshine┬«

    Omega Horseshine

    The Omega-3 supplement to help maintain a shiny healthy coat, strong solid hooves and top performance for horses in all life stages

    Starting at: $26.50

  • Omega Nibblers Low Sugar & Starch - Apple Flavored

    Omega Nibblers Low Sugar & Starch - Apple Flavored

    Nutritious Omega-3 heart shaped low sugar & starch treat supplement for horses made from natural ingredients

    Starting at: $26.95

  • Omega SureGut

    Omega SureGut

    When you want to ensure optimal digestive health with probiotics and prebiotics for horses in all life stages

    Starting at: $39.99

  • Omega GRANDE

    Omega GRANDE

    Complete natural flax supplement product for horses in all life stages, five products in one

    Starting at: $54.85

  • Omega Nibblers

    Omega Nibblers

    Best natural Omega-3 treat supplement for horses made from top quality ingredients for hoof, joint, and skin health

    Starting at: $24.95

  • 50 lb Omega Antioxidant Senior Care

    Omega Antioxidant Senior Care

    The Omega-3 and natural antioxidant supplement for perfect bloom, maximized antioxidant defense and top performance for senior horses

    Starting at: $113.25

  •  Omega Stabilized Rice Bran

    Omega Stabilized Rice Bran

    Natural stabilized rice bran supplement for horses that is highly palatable and digestible for all types of horses

    Starting at: $66.99

  • Horse & Rider Gift Set

    Horse & Rider Gift Set

    Natural stabilized flax products for horses and humans made from human grade ground flaxseed important to optimize the health of yourself and your horse


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