Horse Enthusiast Tri Pack

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Neem Shampoo for optimum coat, mane & tail condition. Zinc Oxide Paste helps treatment of scratches & skin problems associated with sunburn. Natural outdoor spray safely protects horse.

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Product Benefits
Product Benefits

Neem Shampoo:

- Neem has been revered for thousands of years by ayurvedic practitioners to support healthy skin.
- Regular use inhibits fungal and bacterial growth on coat, mane, and tail.
- Washes away skunk odor in 1 treatment.
- Soap-free…will not strip natural oils.
- Gently cuts through dirt, grime, and smegma in one wash.
- Rinses cleanly and quickly… no more rinsing and scraping to get the suds off… one good going-over and your horse is rinsed sparkling clean.
- Restores vitality to brittle manes and tails.
- Conditions coat and softens skin for a silky sheen.
- No harsh chemicals, soaps, or synthetic thickeners.

Zinc Oxide Paste:

May Help Treat:

  • Pastern dermatitis / scratches
  • Greasy heel
  • Dew poisoning
  • Mud fever
  • Skin problems associated with sunburn
  • Water resistant
  • 100% sun blocking capabilities – will not come off with normal sweating or rain fall


Product Description
Product Description

Our Equiderma Neem Shampoo plays triple duty by not only cleaning your horse to perfection, imparting a shine like no other, but it will also inhibit any organisms lurking on your horses skin from gaining a foot hold. Use as a part of your regular grooming regimen to keep your horses coat in optimum condition or as a part of our system to attack skin problems. This is an organic neem leaf and neem oil based formula which also contains arnica, pine bark , basil, chamomile, and cherry bark for optimal cleansing with a long-lasting nourishing effect on the skin. Our formulation is soap-free and is combined by the cleanest and greenest, plant based, cutting-edge products on the market today. It is designed to improve the condition of the skin without stripping natural oils that are essential for a shiny, glossy, healthy coat. It gives a silky sheen to all coat colors and adds body and fullness to manes and tails. Rinses clean with one pass over your horse, so no more rinsing and scraping to remove all the soap. We recommend leaving our product on for up to one hour on the first application or any time extra protection is desired.

Use Equiderma Zinc Oxide Paste as a first aid in the treatment of pastern dermatitis, commonly known as scratches, greasy heel, dew poisoning, or mud fever, and skin problems associated with sunburn.

One of the problems we face when we are dealing with scratches is how to keep the area dry and the product on during the healing process. Equiderma Zinc Paste for pastern dermatitis creates a water-resistant barrier and 100% sun blocking capabilities. After application it stays put and creates a healthy environment so healing can take place.

Most of us do not want to keep our horses stalled during treatment or stalled during the day to prevent sunburn. Your horse surely doesn’t want to be kept inside while it is beautiful outside, only to be let out when it is dark. Our product will provide 100% sunblock and will not come off with normal sweating or rain fall…

Ever wonder why horses get scratches more on their white legs than on their dark legs? A study from UC Davis Veterinary School suggests there is an additional issue caused by ultra violet rays from the sun. The elimination of ultra violet light exposure is helpful in the healing process. By using Equiderma Zinc Paste, you have a three-pronged approach to help your horse… ingredients that will knock out the offending organisms, create a water barrier so the area stays dry and safe from further invasion, and provide 100% sunblock.

Nutrition & Usage
Nutrition & Usage

Shampoo Instructions:

Apply directly to horse or dilute according to preference.
Leave on for 10 minutes up to 1 hour.
Rinse well.

Skin Lotion:
Contains: Mineral oil * Clorhexidine * Lavender Essential Oil* Trichloromethy .2%

Simply apply and let Equiderma Leave on Skin Lotion do its job. It is fast acting, non-messy, easy to apply, will never sting or burn and is scented with lavender essential oil. Your horse’s aromatherapy favorite.

Use at the onset of winter to inhibit winter rain rot and before spring to stop skin disease from starting. No shampooing necessary.

Zinc Oxide Paste:
By using Equiderma Zinc Paste, you have a three-pronged approach to help your horse… ingredients that will knock out the offending organisms, create a water barrier so the area stays dry and safe from further invasion, and provide 100% sunblock.

Contains: Zinc Oxide * Chlorhexidine * Trimethylthio * Mineral Oil

  • Would Buy Again!!!

    I am happy with it. It seems to be working well. Before my horse would hide in her stall even though she can come and go as she wants. She seems to be outside more!! We will see as time goes on and the weather gets warmer and the bugs are out more, but so far I am every happy with how it is doing. Would buy again!!!

  • It's A Keeper

    I've used this twice so far and it's a keeper. When I went to groom my mini today she was fidgety because of flys. Lightly sprayed her and poof she stopped and flies were gone. Five hours later and no swishing of tail or stomping of feet. Also like the shine it seems to leave her coat with and no chemical smell. Great product.

  • Love This Fly Spray

    I love this fly spray for myself and my horse! In Florida we get nasty flies and mosquito's and this spray does the trick. Just ordered it again- this will be my go to spray from now on!

  • Fly Allergy

    My horse has a fly allergy, sweet itch, I have tried many products to help her. This product keeps the flies off and the lotion is reducing the scaly area on her undercarriage. So happy with the results! Thank you for this product!

  • Great Product

    I first purchased this three years ago after trying several "cures" for scratches. Cleared it up in one week! Have been using it ever since to prevent recurrence. Haven't had scratches since. Thanks for a great product!

  • Love This Product!

    My paint mare had rain itch so I applied the zinc oxide paste to heal and prevent sun burn. It worked!

  • I Have Been Battling Scratches

    I have been battling scratches on one of my mares hind legs for over a year. I have tied several items even had vet look at it at first and used something she subjected. But nothing has worked some things even made it worst. My mare was not liking her legs being messed with anymore. I saw your aid on facebook, read some of the reviews and decided to give your product a try. At this point what did I have to lose. After using it for a week there is a big improvement. I was amazed at how well it worked and my mare does not fight me when I apply it to her legs, she stands quietly amazing. I think she likes it. This is week 2 one leg all cleared up the other just about. It was so bad that at one point she was lame in that one leg. This product is amazing I love it. I have ordered a second shipment. I will keep this on hand all the time. I thank you my mare thanks you as well. Life is much better now.

  • Washes out clean, smells nice, worked on my horse's dandruff

    My gelding had pretty bad dandruff in his mane and tail. I was looking for a mild, natural shampoo that wouldn't dry out his skin but would be effective in washing away the flakes, and this stuff hit the nail on the head for me. I love the light, natural scent and how easily it washes out. Left his coat, mane and tail shiny, voluminous, and flake-free. I used to only bathe a couple times a year because I didn't want to strip his skin of his natural oils but I think I could use this shampoo once a month and be just fine. So many equine products seem to be full of chemicals. :( Glad to have found an effective exception! Excited to try other Equiderma products as well.

  • Best Shampoo Ever!

    The best shampoo ever! I use this on my mare's body, mane tail. It works on fungus, bug bites overall shine. Rinses quickly easily. The herbal scent even helps keep the flies mosquitos away.. We live in South Florida with rain, humiduty. No other products work like Equiderma.

  • Rain Rot Be Gone

    I had been dealing with rain rot for weeks and nothing worked until I used the shampoo and lotion. It was 3/4 of the way gone the next morning. Awesome stuff!

  • Wonderful To Have A Spray That Works So Well

    I really love the new fly spray that was in my Ultimate Outdoor Trail Pack. It is wonderful to have a spray that works so well and that can be used on myself and on my horse. Thank you for making this great product available on your web site.

    The picture is of my daughter Jenna riding her Haflinger Horse named Motion.


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