Omega-3 Supplement

Omega Horseshine®

The premium Omega-3 supplement made with stabilized, ground, whole flaxseed. Save 15% on your first order with code: FLAX15 (excludes auto-ship, rice bran and bundles)

  • Hoof, Skin & Coat

    Dry, scaly, or itchy skin, poor hoof growth, a dull coat, etc. may indicate a deficiency of Omega-3 essential fatty acids in the diet. Flax is the richest source of Omega-3 in the plant world, so the stabilized ground flax used in Omega Horseshine is very high in Omega-3 essential fatty acids.

  • Joints & Performance

    Since Omega Horseshine provides the highest levels of Omega-3 — and Omega-3 is considered a powerful anti-inflammatory — joint pain is often alleviated, which improves performance as pain is greatly reduced

  • Sand Colic Prevention

    Our flax contains a high mucilage (soluble fiber) content that swells and takes on a gel-like consistency, helping prevent sand colic and impaction, similar to psyllium husks. Flax mucilage traps and suspends sand, carrying it out. The flax also acts to buffer excess acid and aids in the stabilization and modulation of blood glucose.

Why Omega Fields?

The stabilized ground flax we manufacture and use in our formulas is Premium, Human-Grade, Non-GMO, 99.9% Pure and Triple-Cleaned; protected from rancidity or loss of nutritional value; and guaranteed fresh for a full 18 months. High quality standards mean that we reject more seed than we accept. Who do you think accepts the inferior seed we reject?

The proprietary stabilization technology used was developed by our company and patented 25 years ago. The process is all natural, no chemicals are used, and the ground flax is even kosher certified.

What You're Saying

“All my horse’s are on your product and are thriving because of it, thank you for developing such a good product. I have convinced many friends and all my clients have put their horses on it… I have been using Omega Horseshine for over 10 years and will never take my horses off of it. Thank you for this wonderful product.”

– Donna Wilke, of WilkeEquestrian

“Being a military family, we move frequently and so does my horse. Transitioning from lush pastures in North Carolina to the sandy desert in Nevada I was able to rest easy knowing that he was on a consistent diet containing Omega Horseshine. I didn’t worry as much about the change in nutrients from pasture to hay nor the increase in chance of sand colic. He never skipped a beat and for the past three years while other horses at our boarding facility have colicked or needed additional sand clearing supplements he’s never had an issue. ”

– Danielle L. & Blue

“I had a horse w/ chronic inflammation in her back leg and front knee. Anything I tried didn’t work… Magnetic boots, DMSO, linaments, supps and then I took her off all the supps and added 4oz of Horseshine to her morning grain product and w/in 3 months the inflammation was gone!!! I could not be happier w/this product…”

– LiLaBeth

Choose the size that best fits your lifestyle & needs

Supply estimates are based on the recommended serving size of 1/2 cup for a 1000-1200lb horse. For addressing initial deficiencies, or for very active or performance horses, we recommend feeding 1-3 cups per day! Reduce how much you feed as issues are alleviated, or until you find the perfect amount for your individual horse. 

TIP: It is most economical to purchase our 45lb bags! When stored in a cool, dry place, the powerful nutrients in Omega Horseshine® are locked in and guaranteed stable for 18 months, with no signs of rancidity or loss of nutritional value. Using our First Promise Autoship, you can save 10% and schedule your shipments to arrive every 8 months, so you never run out!

4.5lbs | One Month Supply

20lbs | 100 servings
(Just over 3 Month Supply)

45lbs | 8 Month Supply


Ground Flaxseed, Biotin, Zinc Methionine Complex, Ground Oats, Calcium Carbonate, Lysine, Copper Amino Acid Complex, Yeast Culture, Folic Acid, Niacinamide Manganese Sulfate, Sodium Selenite, Calcium Pantothenate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B-6), Vitamin B-12 Supplement and Riboflavin

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