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SaddleRightDo Right By Your Horse, Make It SaddleRight

SaddleRight has been a proud sister company of Omega Fields, Inc. since September 2016. We believe the making of a great and happy horse comes from several things but most importantly, overall wellness. That can only be achieved by good nutrition, and good physical health. The unique Core material in our pad, encourages the back muscles to regenerate, rebuild and repair. It also encourages the nerves and lymphatic system to work properly. Our pad allows the freedom needed for those equine athletes to reach better, feel better, and ultimately perform better. The pad begins working as soon as it is applied to the back. This was the origination of the first and only TRUE orthopedic saddle pad available.

Dr. Mike Freeman, DOC and Kinesiologist, knew that the back held the key to overall physical wellness. That is what led him to years of research and design. The goal was to produce the ultimate orthopedic tool, to help horses to fell and perform better. Dr. Freeman achieved his goal and the “SaddleRight” pad was born. His pad would help to repair, regenerate, and rebuild the muscles. It would also protect the sensitive nerves and allow for freedom of movement.

There are a lot of pads available to consumers these days, but they are just pads. SaddleRight is in a league of its own, unmatched in quality, function, and longevity. It offers the only lifetime warranty, against core compression or degradation, that the industry has ever seen. Doesn’t your horse deserve a SaddleRight Pad?

SaddleRight offers a wide variety of Western and English styles, colors and options. Every pad is made meticulously for each riders’ individual taste and needs. Learn more at www.SaddleRight.com

“Nothing beats the quality of these pads and the comfort it gives my horse.” – Miranda Warbelton.

“I just wanted to say thank you for making such a great product! I have been using a SaddleRight pad for the last 16 years and I won’t use anything else. I have used it on all of my feedlot horses, competition horses, and everyday riding horses. What I like is that the horses do not get sore, nor does the pad rub off hair when the horse sweats. I haven’t had a horse with a sore back since I started using the SaddleRight pad. I am always asked what kind of pad I am using, and I’m often asked where they can buy one. I have referred many people to your website. I’ll never go back to using any other kind of pad again. For anyone who does not believe that these could be so great, they really need to try one and then look at a horse who spends 12 hours a day or more under saddle in working conditions. I think they would become believers!” – Karen Wagner

“The best thing that has happened for horses ever. Thank you.” – Keatha Senyohl

“I am sure you are used to thse, but I’m going to send mine anyway! Your saddle pad is all it claims, which is indeed unusual in today’s world! My horse no longer has any soreness in the girth box area, his stride is longer, and new back and shoulder muscles are appearing. HE IS MUCH HAPPIER! THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL PRODUCT! I will contact you again in the near future to order a hunt seat pad. Thanks again.” – Cheryl Bixel


We are excited to welcome you to Omega Fields. Here you will discover our exceptional products. Omega Fields is honored to be of assistance in providing quality horse products made with stabilized flax for joint, hoof and skin coat health.

Monty’s mission statement: “My life’s goal is to leave the world a better place than I found it for horses and for people too.” What distinguishes Monty from other trainers is how he uses the horse’s natural language to achieve breakthrough results in the training of horses. When Monty was studying the language of the horse he could not have anticipated the far reaching impact his concept would have in making a positive change in the lives of people. This is a “gift” that we all have and can be developed by walking in Monty’s footsteps.

That it is the fastest turnaround I’ve ever watched in a horse that arrived in poor condition and looks so good already today. Cadillac’s weight today is #1,087 which is a net weight gain of #149 since October 14, 2014 when he started on the Omega Horseshine program. If you look back at the photos first taken there is a 100% improvement. Note we will need more Omega Horseshine asap to keep this horse on a program that is working superbly! I can’t believe how fast he turned around the minute we put him on the Omega Horseshine product. His eyes are clearer, his coat is shinier, but most of all he appears happy once again. Thank you Omega Fields! 
~ Pat Roberts (Monty Roberts wife), Nov 14, 2014