Parelli Natural Horsemanship: Trusted Partner of Omega Fields!

We are excited to be partnered with Parelli Natural Horsemanship and to welcome you to Omega Fields. Omega Fields is honored to be of assistance in providing quality horse products made with stabilized flax for joint, hoof and skin coat health.

Combining a natural approach, a dedication to quality products and customer service, and an unyielding desire to make the world a better place for horses and the humans who love them, Omega Fields and Parelli Natural Horsemanship are perfectly set up for a fruitful and long-lasting partnership together. This mutually beneficial relationship will expand horizons for both companies, and the future for both horses and humans is most definitely bright.


Omega Horseshine - My horses love Omega Horseshine® and continue to shine on, from the inside out." ~Linda Parelli
Omega Grande -
My horses were just not looking their best. Since I've switched to Omega Grande I can already see and feel a difference in just a few weeks. They are shinier, have better muscle tone and so easy to feed! ~Pat Parelli
Omega Nibblers - My horses are very fussy about cookies but they love the Omega Nibblers. The best part is that the 'dose' is 15 cookies - which is about how many I love to treat them with! They are a nice size, fit easily in my pocket so I've got them with me for whenever I want to reward my horse. ~Linda Parelli
Omega SureGut - When he first arrived at Pat’s Performance Barn, he smelled badly from his gut and had loose stool. After experimenting with several different supplements and feeds, we finally found a supplement that supports Freckles’ digestive system the best. Feeding SUREGUT has improved not only Freckles’ stool and has gotten rid of the bad smell but has also helped his overall condition and well-being. ~Pat Parelli

"Parelli’s relationship with Omega Fields is very exciting. My horses are known for how healthy they are and how great they always look, and knowing that Omega Horseshine® will enhance what I've already got going is very exciting. I look forward to sharing this with our students and customers.

I often get asked what I feed, but it's quite complex to explain, and nutritional advice is not my expertise! Omega Fields produces top-of-the-line nutritional products, and they stand behind their quality and nutritional effectiveness. I usually don't use any commercial nutritional product, preferring to do it myself with oils and kelp and minerals. This is a first for me, and it’s a decision I did not make lightly. In fact, my horses were a big part of the decision making!

I'm excited to be using Omega Horseshine® with my horses. I've always believed in the benefits of flaxseed oil, but now it's easier than ever to feed them this nutritious supplement and offer the extra benefit of the whole seed, not just the oil. The addition of yeast is also a great boost; again, I don't have to feed this separately now. My horses love Omega Horseshine® and continue to shine on, from the inside out." ~Linda Parelli

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