1840 Farm Omega Nuggets

As a dog owner, I am always looking for ways to ensure the good health of our dog Pete. Lucky for me, Pete is a willing participant. He happily indulges my attempts at grooming and eagerly eats the healthy food that I select for him.
When it comes to the grooming, I would like to think that he tolerates my efforts because I am such a wonderful owner and he loves me so much. Deep down, I believe that his motives might not be quite so pure. In fact, he may be allowing me to give him a haircut because he knows what will happen when I am finished. He knows that I have an Omega Fields’ Omega Nugget ready and waiting for him.
While Pete enjoys the flavor of these bite sized treats, I enjoy knowing that they deliver more than great taste. These Omega-3 treat supplements contain essential fatty acids and antioxidants in a delicious treat perfectly sized for use as a training reward.
Omega Nuggets are made using human grade ingredients. They contain wholesome ingredients including ground flaxseed, barley, and molasses. These treats promote healthy skin and coat.and are all natural and don’t contain any artificial preservatives.

I’m not sure if Pete cares about the ingredients in the treats that he loves so much, but I do. I’m happy that I can provide him with the flavor he loves and the nutrition he needs with Omega Nuggets. We both want to make sure that you have the same opportunity to share this flavorful and healthy treat with your best friend. Thanks to Omega Fields, you can do just that