A World of Good

Thank you so very much for taking interest in Cheyanne story. I rescued her 5 years ago she was nothing but skin and bones. Against my vet’s advice I brought her because I knew if I left her there she would have die.

After 2 weeks of me caring for her I noticed she was what looked like a bag. So the very next day I took her to my vet he mare checked her and she was indeed pregnant. The vet also thought I had just gotten her and when I told him no I’ve had her for almost 2 week’s he couldn’t believe it! He said she may not make it through the birth because she was so very weak and that the foal may not make it due her poor condition. I started feeding her sweet feed, alfalfa pellets, and 1/2 cup of Omega Antioxidant added to her feed and in 2 months she was back up to her normal weight. It does a world of good for her.