Absolutely Amazing Results

We have been using Omega Horseshine® for about 5 years now. The results have been absolutely amazing. We give the product to all our horses and their health, coat and general well-being have been outstanding. We recently accepted a foster horse for a local no-kill shelter that does not take in horses, but Maxwell was part of 102 animals (89 dogs, 12 cats and Maxwell) left behind when his owner died in late August. http://www.caringforcreatures.com Maxwell was a mystery to a lot of folks because he never had fencing or a barn and just wandered the property. How he survived all those years is beyond us. When Maxwell came here he was considerably depressed. Once the good nutrition, foot care, and Omega Horseshine® took affect, he became a different horse and is now quite spry for a 26 year old! (picture attached).

Then came Trooper. That was not his name when we rescued him – a neglect/starvation case with lots of medical issues. Trooper was in much worse shape than Maxwell – about 400# underweight, anemic, rain rot covering his body, feet falling in pieces, eye infections, and the list goes on. Once again with good nutrition and Omega Horseshine® – Trooper is well on the road to recovery. He has ‘spunk’ and determination. Both Maxwell and Trooper are Appendix Quarter Horses.

I am so confident in your product I gave it to 2 friends and they are now using Omega Horseshine® on a regular basis with their horses.

I’ve also included a photo of 3 of our other horses. You can see for yourself how great they look. From left to right they are Sheridan (age 8), Peaches (age 5) and Virgil (age 20). They also send their thanks for your great product.