After Lots of Research I Found Omega Fields

I have a 29 year old quarter horse named Damon. I adopted him in October 2013 and at the time he wasn’t in great condition. Over the course of a year he lost 4 teeth and had a bad bout of gastric ulcers so I had a hard time putting and keeping weight on. I read that oil in a horses diet helps in different ways but it was hard to dispense. After lots of research I found Omega Fields Omega Horseshine and read about all the benefits it had. The right balance of Omga-3 to Omega-6, the grain texture was so much easier to work with and it was also much more economical. The SureGut has also been a great find. He has been on a pro-biotic since I got him but I feel better knowing that this is a good balance and will better help to prevent further ulcers. Thank You Omega Fields!