Amazing Results

I wanted to let you know what amazing Results I have had with your product. I have a 12 year old Arabian Gelding that foundered just before Christmas for no apparent reason. After spending hundreds of dollars on special shoes, x-rays every 4 weeks, and lots of pain meds and blood work. I was ready to put him down. Sadly the road to recovery is long and painful ( having been through this with another horse). I just love this guy to much to see him suffer. Nothing we did was relieving his pain, the rotation in his coffin bone( both front feet) was getting worse. I had made the decision to put him down on Monday if the x-rays weren’t any better. I picked up the horse shine from Sydey on Saturday and ask the Vet if it would be OK to try this horse on it, he said “it couldn’t hurt.” Within a week he was feeling better, no more Bute. after 15 days he was out and moving around the yard with very little pain. another 2 weeks and he is trotting and even cantered. This product has given me my horse back. I have 12 horses on it and they all look and feel amazing. When the Farrier was out he could not believe the difference in their hooves. ( I have the equine geriatric ward) other than one 5 year old, the rest are 12 to 32 years. Very little Laminitis was present on my Arab. I will be getting a set of X-Rays next week to see how he’s doing. The Equine Dentist was here and was confused when I told her he had foundered on all 4 feet with rotation in the front in January. “She asked what kind of pain meds he was on” I showed her the Bag of Omega Horse Shine, and she was shocked.

Her words, “don’t ever take him off this.” I could go on and on… Bottom line, I now have my dogs on Canine Shine. That’s another story, about the itchy German Shepard we rescued. Thank you so much for supporting the Horses 4 Heroes, Horses.