Any Horse I Ever Own I WILL Feed Them Horseshine

I love this product. I started using this product for a couple weeks and at fair i had tons of comments on how shiny and healthy my paso fino Aikido looked. It’s now been over a month and his mane and tail have grown over 2 inches and growing fast! He is also no longer getting his bug bites and bugs are even leaving him alone and aren’t causing him to colic like many things do with him. One morning I walked out and found he had cut his leg down to the bone and had to get stitches and because he can’t handle meds to control inflammation so the vet said don’t be surprised if the stitches pop due to swelling. Even after a week there has been no swelling! Any horse I ever own I WILL feed them HorseShine and will recommend it to anyone, especially since its natural and not pumped of chemicals and even my paso who is prone to colic has no problems with it.