Barefoot and Loving It!

If you would please indulge me, I would like to elaborate on my experience/testimonial for Horseshine. You know how “moms” are – we love to brag on our kids and show them off!
My AQHA gelding, Rockettes Champ – aka Jake, who is 9 has been on Horseshine for nearly a year now. The improvement and growth of his mane and tail have been wonderful. Before starting Horseshine, he had a very poor mane and tail, very hard to maintain and would break off with no real noticeable growth. Mane and tail are now longer and stronger, we don’t need grooming products to brush, both are silkly smooth. He is also showing more of his coloring. He now has reddish “flea bites” or ticks that weren’t there before….he’s gorgeous! I got him when he was 8 and the poor guy wasn’t in the best shape. Thanks to proper nutrition and Horseshine, he’s a happy, healthy guy that loves to strut his stuff!

My APHA mare, Designated Debut – aka Lily, who is 3 has been on Horseshine the same time. She was in pretty good shape when I got her, but with the addition of Horseshine to her diet, her mane, tail, coat and coloring improved greatly. Her white is so white that when the sun shines on her, you just about need sunglasses due to the glare!

Also, our farrier says they both have really good, hard hooves and told me that whatever I was doing to keep doing it. They are both barefoot and loving it!

Horseshine will be part of their diet for the rest of their lives. I tell everyone about it.