Been In Rescue For 40 Years and Your Product Is One of the Best on the Market

Your product is amazing. My name is Pam Mosher, President of My Little Rescue, formally Hidden Creek Farms. I wrote you about your product Omega Horseshine. I wanted to update you on a rescue that came in 2 years ago. Unfortunately, she was the only survivor of the three that came in together. We named her My Little Rescue Cherokee. She will be heading to NBHA World the end of October to compete in World. As I explained her coat just was dull and she was on good feed and lots of good pasture grass. It just wasn’t shiny like I wanted it to be. You suggested your Omega Horseshine. WOW, what a difference it has made. I have included a before and after picture of her.

I also wanted to update you on the fleabit mare, our newest rescue. She’s doing great and your Omega Horseshine has really helped her tremendously. The coat is hard to tell on the fleabit rescue verses our chestnut mare, but I can see a big difference in just a short time in her coat being healthy and her hooves much healthier. We currently have 18 rescued horses, two rescue mini donkey, two rescue mini ponies that will all be put on your product. Price is affordable and out come is just awesome. I have been in rescue for 40 years and your product is one of the best on the market and would highly recommend it all for all rescues and anyone that wants their horses coats, skin, and hooves at their best.