Better and Cheaper than Biotin

My 11 year old Tennesse Walker’s coat is great and all the lumps he had on his back are gone. The vet could not help me, he did not know what they were. They would crust up then go back into lumps, which he had for almost three years. They would not go away. After having Caesar on Omega Horseshine® for seven months, they were gone. He had seven on one side and five on the other, on the saddle area.

He also would roll only half the way over in the pasture and now he rolls all the way over. I can tell he has better movement. Ceasar was on biotin pellets. I had him on the Omega Horseshine® only for the past 6 months. His hoof growth is just as good or even a little better. And let me say, it is much cheaper to give than the biotin. Thank you again for and affordable product, with which we are so pleased. We have several black horses in the barn and Caesar is by far the shiniest kid on the block.