Both Horses Want To Have Nibbler Treats

Meet my new guy, Gunner (aka: CN Root N Toot Pal)! He’s a great, big guy with a real laid-back personality. Gunner had never experienced eating out of your hand with previous owners. He also wasn’t excited about any supplement added to his feed. I have always added Horseshine to my horses’ morning meal. I decided to try to add my “omegas” by introducing the Nibblers. I may have created a monster because both horses want to have Nibbler treats if I just “rattle” the bag! 😉 Gunner now loves gentle eating from your hand if you’ve got a couple of Nibblers. He hangs around before going out on the pasture just in case you have some in your pocket! My horses’ coats, mane/tail and hooves look so great….unbelievable shine and sleekness!