Comes Running for Mealtime

Our farmhouse dog Pete Townshend is known for eating anything in his path.  His habits of eating blueberries fresh from the garden and begging adoringly for popcorn, oatmeal, and carrots are well-known.  So, I wasn’t at all concerned when Omega Fields asked if he would like to try their Omega Canine Shine as a supplement to his daily diet.  I knew that he would happily enjoy this new addition to his meals.

Now that he has been enjoying this healthy supplement for a few months, he has developed a new habit.  This one has nothing to do with him actually ingesting food.  Instead, it has to do with him anticipating its arrival.

Every mealtime, he waits with great anticipation as I place his food in the bowl.  Then, as I reach for the bag of Omega Canine Shine, he follows my every movement.  As soon as I touch the package, he registers his approval in a very canine manner.  He begins licking his lips as if he is about to dine on a T-bone steak.

The first morning he reacted in this way, I thought it was mere coincidence.  Now that I have seen him repeat it at every meal for weeks, I know that it is much deeper than that.  Instead, he is truly giving me his nod of approval.

I am happy to see that he looks forward to the Canine Omega Shine that I add to his morning and evening meals.  I am even happier to know that I am increasing his intake of essential fatty acids and giving him something delicious to look forward to.  While he may not realize it, those essential fatty acids help to reduce shedding, combat bothersome itching, and maintain his good health.

Pete and I have enjoyed our time evaluating Omega Canine Shine.  His coat is shiny and healthy and he comes running at mealtime.  Now we both want to make sure that you have the same opportunity to share this supplement with your best friend.  Thanks to Omega Fields, you can do just that.