Dogs Love Omega Nuggets!

Please see the photo of our three flax loving dogs, yes it would be an Omega Fields Nugget they’re looking at, lol. Neighbors and strangers have commented on the beautiful shine the girls coat have. The vet has commented that most Yorkies have dental problems, but this little one has the cleanest teeth they’ve seen, we attribute it to the wonderful crunch of the Omega Fields Nuggets…that little mouth can make quick work of those treats!

From left you will see Sophie, Jordan (the little Yorkie monster) in the middle, and Macie on the right. Macie and Sophie are actually sisters, 9 months apart and have been eating flax and Nuggets for two years this coming September. Their parents were farm dogs that lived about a mile apart, no leash or fence could keep them from each other…there were two litters, we have a dog from each. They are the most amazing animals I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Our little Jordan is about 17 months old and as I said, she rules the roost, and has been eating flax and Nuggets for at least the last year.