Everyone Can Tell She Feels Better!

Hi My name is Patti Thurman I’m a dressage trainer in Utah. In September of 2010 I was given a warmblood mare. She was under weight, had a very dull coarse coat, and brittle cracking feet. I immediately put her on a diet of good quality grass hay and a complete grain. As we have several other horses in the barn on your product, I added the Omega Horseshine to her routine as well. After six months she has transformed! She has a beautiful soft coat and is growing wonderful feet. Most importantly her attitude has improved dramatically. She used to be dull and uninterested in her surroundings, now she is lively with a twinkle in her eye. She loves to work and everyone can tell she feels better!  Every horse we have on Horseshine has the wonderful soft shiny coat and great feet. I love your product and I’m starting my dogs on it this week. Please keep up the good work!