Far Exceeded Expectations of Therapeutic Farrier & Team Roper

Being a therapeutic farrier, I know that the stresses and demands that we put on our horses are not always natural or what’s best for our horses. Being a team roper, I know that to win at any level our horses need to work consistently and give their all on every run. This was my dilemma; how do I keep my horses working at a high level and maintain their health and soundness?
The solution was Horseshine Complete. A friend told me about Horseshine Complete and that they had fed it to their horse during a recovery period from an injury and told me I should try it. I did my research and decided to give it a shot. It not only met my expectations, it far exceeded them! I have four head of rope horses ages 4, 9, 16 and 23. They are all on Horseshine Complete. In about 30 days I saw improvements, but now that they have been on Horseshine Complete for 90 days, the results are incredible! They all have improved hoof quality along with better hoof growth. Their coats literally have a shine to them along with a noticeable increase in mane and tail length. Performance wise, I noticed that the two youngest horses seem a bit calmer when working and in the box. My 16-year-old is running like he when he was 10 and working better than ever. Although my 23-year-old has been retired from competition for the last two years, with the help of Horseshine Complete, you may see him at some of the bigger ropings. I attribute all this to the fact that they aren’t experiencing the everyday inflammation caused from work. They feel better so they work better.
All these things satisfied the team roper side of me. Now let me tell you about the therapeutic farrier side. Horseshine Complete not only helps with inflammation throughout the entire body, it helps maintain healthy joints and shortens the recovery time between competitions. By improving hoof quality and growth, it is now what I recommend as a hoof supplement. I am confident when I recommend Horseshine Complete to my clients that they will see the same great results that I have.