Fast Results From Omega Canine Shine

Omega Fields® has an awesome product called Omega Canine Shine™. We are truly amazed at how fast this product started enhancing our dogs’ overall coat appearance and energy levels. We started feeding Omega Canine Shine™ to our dogs and within 5-8 days their coats are soft, shiny, and we have seen less shedding in the house. What is even better is our 8 year old dog is back to wanting to play ball with our 3 1/2 year old dog, Logan. The energy that has come back in our older dog is amazing. She is going after balls like when she was a youngster. Our dogs love the taste of Omega Canine Shine™—as soon as we open the pouch to feed them, they run circles and can’t wait to be fed. Thank you Omega Fields® for providing canine lovers with such a wonderful product. Logan is proud to be an official Omega Fields® ambassador.