“Feeling Super” 2014 OTTB mare by “Super Saver” (the winner of the 2010 Kentucky Derby)

“Feeling Super” is 2014 OTTB mare by “Super Saver” (the winner of the 2010 Kentucky Derby). She has many famous ancestors that include Triple Crown winners Secretariat (1973) and Seattle Slew (1977). Her racing career was short – she had 9 starts with one first. After her winning race in July 2017, she raced 2 more times in close succession, which apparently undermined her racing abilities. Lifeline Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation found her on the Facebook page of a killing pen in July 2018 and had to act quickly in order to raise funds for her bail. We brought her back to Greystoke Farm in August 2018.
Omega Fields donated a 3 months’ supply of Horseshine supplement to help her to restore her athleticism and vigor in order for us to start her retraining for her new career.
For less than 3 months Horseshine greatly improved her skin and coat even during cold and wet winter months. Her hooves grew quickly and became smooth, shiny, and tough. In fact they became so strong and healthy that she is currently barefoot and feels comfortable.
Here, you can see her “before” and “after” pictures.