Fly Allergy Relief: 3 Cups Omega Horseshine or Steroids All Fly Season?

I heard about Omega Horseshine from my vet, she was actually prescribing it for a clients horse who had severe fly allergies. He usually had to be on steroids all fly season but this was not solving the problem and it was beginning to endanger his health. This is his first season sans shots on 3 cups of Omega Horseshine – he is hive free and looks beautiful. I tried some of hers as a conditioner and psyllium replacement as my horses hate psyllium. They love the taste of Omega Horseshine and the side benefit is the beautiful coat. Now the test will be on a horse that was recently willed to me, he has horrible feet and has foundered twice. I hope to get him on a natural trimming program, and make his declining years such that he can be a horse again (he has severe fly allergies as well). If his hooves respond half as well to Omega Horseshine as I’ve seen claimed by others, he may be able to be turned out by Christmas! Thanks for a great product!