Fully Believe

I adopted my mare Melody in January 2015 at the Mustang Magic 2015 mustang makeover event held in Fort Worth, TX. She was body clipped for the competition and was in good kit, but thin and being only 4 months out of the wild, still a little rough coated. Some other horses in my barn were on Omega Horseshine already and when I brought her home, we slowly started adding it to her grain ration to get her used to eating it. She can be a picky eater but gobbles down her Horseshine. In May 2015 we moved from Louisiana to Florida and after a month, we began experiencing insane reactions to the midges and I learned just how awful sweet itch really is. All this while, I was still trying to get weight on her and build up her muscle everywhere and particularly her topline. I struggled for months to get her sweet itch under control and get her healing up, she had rubbed out half her mane, all down her tail bone and along her belly and legs. In about March of 2016 she had finally grown in enough mane that it was laying down and her tailhead started to grow back and fill in. It was around this time I really amped up our training to include more gymnastic and cavaletti work, focusing on dressage, to increase her use of her body and learn how to carry herself and really focus on building up her muscles. Through careful management and the inclusion of Omega Horseshine, I have been able to get her mane grown all the way back in to almost as long as the day I got her, her tail is fully grown in, both are thick and soft and strong. I have very little breakage when brushing and her skin and coat are soft and shiny. In fact, her mane has grown back so well, it is starting to lay over on both sides and start a double mane. Thanks to all the amino acids included in Horseshine as part of her daily feed, all the building blocks needed to develop strong and desirable muscling were readily available and used. She has an amazing topline, her legs are well muscled and we are frequent causes on envy among other riders who wish they could get their horses built up as nice as she has. I tell them “She’s on Omega Horseshine and it is amazing.” In addition to combating sweet itch and supporting muscle development and a healthy coat, her feet are strong and hold shoes very very well, she has a healthy inflammatory response when we work extra hard or have a bump or bruise and one of the best benefits, Omega Horseshine serves as an alternative to psyllium so I have peace of mind that I am supporting her against sand colic as well as ALL the other amazing things this supplement does. I 100% do and frequently recommend this product and fully believe it has been a major reason my horse looks and feels as good as she does today.