Gobble Up Their Horseshine

I first heard about your product in a Parelli newsletter, I didn’t think much of it as my Oldenburg/Thoroughbred cross Indy was doing okay. It wasn’t until I took on caring for a horse name Easy. His owner paid the bills (more or less) but hadn’t set foot on the property in several years. His coat was Cushings-like, overgrown, overly thick, and not shedding out for the summer. Living in southern California, this horse looked like we lived in Montana in February, and this was September. His maine was broken and spindly and he had worn off a large section of his tail from rubbing.

In the first few pictures I’ve attached, Easy is the black and white and Indy is the bay he’s rapidly becoming friends with. The photos truly don’t do justice as to how bad it was. The dark spot on his tail is where he’s nearly rubbed his skin raw. Not willing to watch him languish any longer, I ordered my first bag of Omega Horseshine and started giving it to both boys. Half way through the first bag Easy began to shed so much I began to wonder if there was any horse left after all the hair I left behind! All the white in that photo is the hair shedding out after 24 HOURS OF NOT BEING CURRY COMBED! I could NOT keep up with the amount of hair coming off! Indy shed out this summer so easily I didn’t even need to curry him once! And his usually shoddy and cracking hooves are holding up great!

The last set of photos are Easy and Indy in the last month, approximately 6 months later. They both look amazing and I’m sure that they feel much better. Plus, they gobble up their Horseshine like it’s going out of style! If I run out before I can get more in, they look at me like “Excuse me… I think you missed something.”

Thanks again for this great product! You’ve changed all three of our lives!