Grandpa’ Benefits From Long-Term Use of Omega Horseshine

It was back in 2006 when I wrote my first testimonial for Omega Fields Horseshine. At that time I mentioned Trooper, a horse we found in Luray, VA in November 2005 while on a mission to pick up a pony for a friend. The grim reaper was standing at his side and Trooper had already resigned himself to dying. Riddled with infections, malnourished, emaciated, and anemic, his owners actually wanted us to pay them $500 for the horse. We gave them the option of giving him to us or our calling animal control and reporting abuse and neglect. Our challenge began. Good food was the first order, along with Omega Fields Horseshine. Trooper needed healing from the inside out. Now, look at these pictures and give us your best guess of his age. What do you think -12? 15? 20? How about 36! Trooper’s nickname is Grandpa because since his healing he has helped raise 3 colts. Youngsters bond quickly with him which gives Trooper purpose and a true sense of worth. Life would not be the same without this gentle man roaming the fields. Omega Fields helped with his healing and now helps maintain his health. We expect to have Trooper with us for many more years. Thank you again.