Great For Coat, Recovery, and Mothers

Logan’s coat is outstanding with this product.  When I have been at dog functions I have recommended the Omega Fields Canine Shine to those that ask what I use on his coat.  At least every show that we have been at, I have had one or two people ask what I use on his coat.  I think because he is darker, the omega comes through on his lighter reds and it just pops his richer tones in his coat.  The thickness of his coat is also a major selling point to those in the “showing” world.  He definitely carries a thicker coat on Omega Canine Shine.  I also promote the quick recovery time with Omega Canine Shine.  He can run and run and run and he does not tire out.  I have told some breeders about Omega Canine Shine in getting the mothers coat back to where it was before they had their litter.  Thank you so much for being such a wonderful company and taking such great care in the world of animals and humans.