Great Supplemental Treat

I have been feeding your Omega products to my horses for two years now and I wouldn’t change a thing!  They get their daily ration of Omega Horseshine as well as Omega Nibblers.  My horses absolutely love their Nibblers and I love the wonderfully shine coats that they have because of them.  So many horse treats out there are made from inferior products and I was very happy to find your products.  I expect a lot from my horses and your Omega Nibblers make a great treat for them while they are still getting the supplement that they need.  The two horses pictured in this photo are Shalamara Acres Shamiko and Vintage Farms Romantic Rumba.  They are AMHA registered Miniature Horses and are multi champions and futurity winners, partially in thanks to your wonderful Omega Nibblers and Omega Horseshine.  Thank you for making such a wonderful product!