Grooming Business Owner Uses Omega Horseshine!

Remington is a 7 yr old QH that is one of 12 that receive Omega Horseshine daily and the results are noticeable!! Everyone always remarks on my horse’s coat being so shiny and it’s the good food and Omega Shine that does it. I am a business owner of a dog grooming facility and with that everyone automatically think I am constantly grooming them with all kinds of products but I don’t nor do they require it because the Omega Shine is the reason for their awesome coats not silicone or oil products!! I am a very satisfied customer and can’t say enough about this product for my horses. They never have skin problems, their manes and tails are never dry and their hoofs are also complimented by my farrier. My horses look the best they ever had been since i started using Omega shine 4 yrs ago. Thanks again and thanks for such a great product!!