Heartfelt Thanks

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful product. I have a Norwegian Fjord mare who has allergies to an ingredient used in commercial pelleted feeds. We tried several different kinds of feed when she was a weanling to find a feed she would tolerate. There were no feeds she could tolerate and we ended up on a hay only diet for her, utilizing alfalfa for protein and calcium. I was delighted to find your Omega Horse Shine because it gives her the fat she needs without all the other fillers that most companies add to their products. We were never able to isolate the cause of her allergic response to commercial feed but we suspect it is to whey or soy products. It is impossible to find commercial feed without these ingredients. So she has been on your product for five years and doing fabulous. Again, my heartfelt thanks for creating a wonderful product and continuing to keep it pure. I’m looking forward to trying the new formula with biotin as her hooves tend to chip in the summer when the ground is hard and dry. I’d like to see if this makes a difference. If you ever need testimonials for your product please contact me. I have recommended your product to many people.

Follow-up Reply:  Yes, of course you may use my testimonial for your product. I am so grateful for your product that doesn’t contain cheaper and multiple ingredients. I know it is one of the big reasons my mare has done so well. She came from a farm where there was no worming, vaccinations or hoof care. She was in such poor condition that when the vet had finished her pre-purchase exam I had decided I didn’t want her. The vet looked me in the eye and said, “You need to take this filly. I’ll go give her her shots.” To this day I do not know whether she really thought she had potential or just wanted to get her out of the horrible conditions on the farm. She was skinny and her front legs were crooked from the knee down. Since she had never had her feet trimmed the vet thought if she had regular trimming, and because she was just a weanling, she had a good chance to straighten out. Thankfully she did. Unfortunately, we had no idea of her allergies and when we started feeding her commercial feeds to try and put some weight on and give her good nutrition she developed serious respiratory issues. It took six weeks to figure out that she was allergic to the very products we were using to try to get her healthy. This was after two trips to the horse hospital in Lexington, KY, for blood work up, chest x-rays and ultrasounds, antihistamines, steroids, bronchodilators, antibiotics, and two kinds of inhalers. She finally stopped eating altogether and we thought we were going to have to euthanize her. My vet decided she probably had a belly full of ulcers after all the meds she was on so in a last ditch effort we pulled her off all her meds and took away the grain. Amazingly, in 48 hours her lungs were clear and she was eating hay with a passion. In consultation with the great folks at the hospital in Lexington, we devised a diet of grass hay and alfalfa as she was growing. As she started to mature to the point of training the vet suggested we put her on a high fat product to help with the energy demands of going to work. I was very pleased to find your product and she has done absolutely wonderful. I’m so glad that her story has a happy ending because she was so sick for a long time that I just wanted to euthanize her and end her suffering. It didn’t look like her prognosis for a happy life was very good. Today she is healthy and happy. She rides, drives, trail rides, and is a great therapy pony for my therapeutic riding students. Truly one in a million.

I’m a great advocate for your product! I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have it because so many supplements and probiotic products contain a grocery cart full of different ingredients. She is so sensitive that less than a handful of commercial feed pellets will send her into colic and respiratory distress. It is a challenge in the barn because no one thinks about a bit of grain that may get spilled in the aisle at feed time or someone new to the barn who thinks she needs a horse treat.