Help For Fading Disease

My 9 year old gelding CMK Arabian has fading disease. He is a beautiful chestnut color. All around his eyes and in some other places his pigment just went away. He looked like he had white goggles on his eyes. It was so sad and my daughter was horribly upset because the other people at shows would ask her about it all the time.

We have been using your product for about 2 or 3 months and the pigment has almost completely returned. I don’t know how it works but his eyes are almost normal and all of my horses look like million dollar show horses. In a few more months after shedding starts I expect a complete recovery. It is such a drastic change in only two months, I can’t believe it.

Here are Carvallo’s (registered name Laar O’Hara) before and after pics. Sorry he looks so dirty … he is a field horse and loves mud and dirt. Your product is amazing and helped my daughter with her beloved best friend. I am going to order Omega Nibblers in my next order — as they sound neat also.