Helped Bring Horse Out of Serious Founder

I don’t know that there is no substitute for Omega Horseshine®, but IMO it’s got just what the horse needs, the smattering of minerals added are the right ones, it’s ready-to-eat, and the flax is fortified so it won’t go rancid quickly. Fifty lbs lasts me for more than three months (for four horses), and there’s never a worry about its freshness. The capper is the beautiful coat these guys develop. To illustrate, here’s a shot of Luke (a.k.a. Clasico’s Lucero del Reino) getting a rare break in the field without a muzzle. Their barn names are Luke and Ari, their pedigree names are Clasico’s Lucero del Reino (gelding) and Northfield Arrillaga (mare). Luke is 16 and Ari is 24, both Paso Finos, both 14 hh and about 900 lbs. They have been barefoot all their lives, and are fed only well-soaked timothy with selected mineral supplements, on top of two ounces of Omega Horseshine® each per day. That’s been their nutrition story for about six years now. They are in the pink of condition. The nutritive value of Omega Horseshine®, originally recommended to me by Eleanor Kellon, DVM, helped bring Ari out of a serious founder six years ago.