Hoof that’s growing in could not be any healthier…thick and firm and strong!

I’ve been using Horse Shine now for almost a year on my 3 “problem feet” equine (2 mares and a Mammoth donkey jennet(! !)). Omega Horseshine was recommended by my farm-sitter who’d had amazing success with it. Amazing doesn’t quite cover the results I’ve had…the two mares are growing healthier feet with sturdy walls. Coat condition on both has been a thing of glory…and shedding this year has been a breeze. The donkey was my real challenge…she’d been plagued with recurring White Line disease, frequent abscessing…for every good month she’s had, there have been at least 3 bad ones. I, my farrier, and my vet are all stunned. The hoof that’s growing in could not be any healthier…thick and firm and strong. She’s now about 3 months from totally regrown feet and I’m expecting I won’t be seeing anything like the problems she’s had in the past.

Of my 3 girls, ASSWAN (see photo), is the shining star. Her “ear span” is 32 inches tip to tip…she is a Mammoth donkey, a great but threatened American breed (only about 5,000 in the world). These were originally bred by George Washington in order to produce big mules for his new country’s agriculture needs. Interesting history, isn’t it? Her name is “Asswan, The Wonder Ass” (named for my favorite city in Egypt) and my driving buddy. I’ve been literally blown away by what Horse Shine has done for, especially, the donkey’s feet. Which need all the help they can get.

You must get these kinds of letters all the time, and rightly so. I wanted to add my appreciation for a product that, from now on, I won’t be without. Many, many thanks!