Horses4Heroes, a Las Vegas-based non-profit, is the only national non-profit that owns and cares for its own horses. Here in Las Vegas, we have 18 horses and four miniature horses. Most of our horses were donated, all (except two) are semi-retired from careers roping, jumping, showing and racing barrels. The average age of our horses is 25. These horses are used daily, giving beginning level riding lessons, teaching groundwork and horsemanship to Veterans, victims and at-risk youth and teens and others who need a little Horse Power in their lives. Nationwide, we have affiliates that also use aged and donated horses in their programs. The Omega Fields Horseshine product allows these horses to continue to lead productive lives, recover from hoof ailments and generally be happy and healthy in their new jobs. It is important for horses, like humans, to be needed, to have a sense of place and purpose, and not just be “put out to pasture.” We are grateful to Omega Fields and thank you for your support so we can keep our aged horses shining bright with Horseshine! Pictured are our oldest horses that are doing great thanks to Horseshine!