I am absolutely thrilled with your product!

I have been using Omega Horseshine since around Jan/Feb of 2012. My horse had a terrible problem with hives at that time. He had welts all over his body. This had been an on-going issue for him and the vet said probably he would get worse each year. Sometimes I could not ride him due to welts in the saddle area. I had allergy tests done but there was no one thing that was causing trouble. And some of the allergens were unavoidable, like oak pollen. Before buying allergy shots I decided to try the Horseshine and talked to one of your reps. She instructed me about quantities to feed for this issue and said I should detect improvement in a week and have real improvement in 2 weeks. How true! In 2 weeks the hives were GONE and THEY HAVE NOT RETURNED. It is now Dec of 2013. He is on a maintenance dose of Horseshine at this point of 1/2 cup a day. After several years of dealing with this issue in unpleasant ways I am absolutely thrilled with your product. Please don’t ever stop making it! Unless you’ve dealt with allergies you probably don’t know how much I appreciate what your product has done. Thanks a million.