I Am Convinced!!!!

Hello from New Mexico!!!
I write to all those out there that live with Icelandic horses. I have
three, Faxi, Urdur and Hlyja they all were imported from Iceland, this
particular horses have very sensitive skin and with the coming of spring
and summer they suffer tremendously with the bite of flies mosquitoes
and other creatures, I came across five years ago with Omega Horseshine,
I gave them this product for the next 3 years, I saw beautiful hooves
silky manes and their fur was shining, but specially they didn’t have
the dry flaky skin that itches so badly in the summer months, then I
decided to try another expensive product instead of The Omega Horse
shine, I gave the the product for one year, imediately I noticed their
hoof wall were thinner their coats were dull and one of them was
itching badly that summer, I was spending $160 a month in that new
supplement, so i decided to stop and pit them back on the Omega
Horseshine, Iam Convinced!!!!! in just a month the hooves look terrific
again!! their coats are like silk, my neighbor asked me why do they
shine so much, she touched the fur and felt like silk, I told her about
the omega product. I don’t know about other horses, but for my
Icelandics this has been so helpful against the dry skin and
irrittations from bugs, Thank you for a wonderful product, from my
horses and Me