I Was Sold The First Summer I Used It!

The black mare is Sopia’s Beauty Tar-Re. A registered Arabian, I picked up as a long yearling that looked like a weanling. She was on the brink of nutritional deficiencies that would haunt her in later years. Luckily, by working closely with a nutritionist and veterinarian she is now an eye catcher! She is on Omega Horse Shine to keep her coat shiny, jet black and her hooves strong. Thank you for an amazing product.
The sorrel mare is Spirit. She is 26 years old this year and still going strong. She has metabolic issues that make her prone to laminitis. She gets Omega Horse Shine daily to help with her hair coat and keep her Omega-3: Omega -6 ratio in balance. Thank you for making a product that keeps my old girl looking young.
Third, is Lakota Sioux. She is a tri-colored Pinto Arabian mare that in 2008 started a nasty battle with allergies. She was 7 years old and her eyes would swell and tear from an environmental allergy. The vet recommended steroid shots as a last resort. I was working on a research project for Equine Nutrition in college that focused on Omega-3 and it’s effects on immune response and recovery. An Omega Fields representative at Farm Technology Days mentioned the many benefits of your product and I was on the hunt to find it. To this day she is on Omega Horse Shine daily and has never had swollen eyes since! I tell everyone that has horses with allergies and heaves to try your product to balance the Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio. I was sold the first summer I used it!