If You Can Only Afford One Supplement – Omega Horseshine Should Be What You Try!

I am an avid horse lover like most who own a horse, and my horses are far from “lawn ornaments”. I only own two horses, but I know that is all I can afford and can work on a regular basis! I am very much an amateur dressage rider, who keeps her horses at home in her own private paddock, which the horses stay in 24/7 – if they want out of the weather, it is their choice !

This is about one of my horses, who is ½ Thoroughbred, ¼ Belgium and ¼ Quarter Horse. Does not sound like a good cross, but he pulls it off very well and seems to have gotten the best of each of the breeds. With the exception of his hooves – he very much has a Thoroughbred hoof!

When he was about 18 months old I began having problems with him, splits and cracks in the hoof and the farrier constantly had to “mark” his hoof to help keep the splits from becoming worse. The only work at this point for my horse was on a lunge line on soft to medium ground. I knew I needed to find something to help the problem or in the next year and a half when I began riding him, it was only going to get worse.

I began some serious research to find something to help my horse out. One product kept appearing in my hunt– Omega Horseshine. This claimed not only to help with better hooves, but a shiner coat (and we all want that in the show ring!), helps as a sand colic preventative (and living in the south, sand is known!) as well as many other things! So I began looking into what was exactly in this compared to some of the other supplements on the market and was impressed. So I ordered it. I should also note here, one of the other reasons I chose Omega Horseshine was due to the review it was given by “Horse Journal” as a Product of the Year. (Which I have subscribed to for several years and know they do not allow any advertising to influence their reviews of products.)
I did not tell my farrier what I had done, because I knew the result was going to be evident in the hoof (if it worked). About 4 months after I began Omega Horseshine, I started seeing a difference myself in the coat of my horse, it was shiny and the colors of him were coming out more. I own a bay and there are a lot of bays, but how do you get yours to stand out? Allow the natural colors to come through! Most bays have either a red or golden color in them that unless they have a shiny and healthy coat you will not notice. Shortly after this, my farrier asked me what I was doing different as he was noticing a difference in the hoof. I told him – he told me to keep it up.

I had continued with Omega Horseshine for several years. Just before my horse turned 5 last year, my family had a financial set back and we had to watch where every penny went to. One of the corners I cut was I removed supplements from my horses. Within a few months, the hoof problems I had not seen in years began to return on my horse (my old farrier moved and I had began using a different one just before I stopped the Omega Horseshine, so this one had no clue of the problems I had faced when he was younger). The hooves on my horse began to get bad, I had lots of people make suggestions and some of them were inexpensive, so I tried them, only to create other issues – a hoof so tough the farrier could not trim the frog! But I still had splits and cracks. I remember one crack in a fore hoof was so bad it was into the hoof wall! I went 8 weeks not riding him in hopes of helping his hooves out (I was also concerned I would make him lame due to how bad his hooves had gotten). Nothing worked.
After a discussion with my husband, who understands the importance of riding to me, he told me to do what ever I needed to do to get the hooves back and we would make it. (I was already “paying for it” by not riding, farrier bills and impending vet bills if something did not change). It had been almost 9 months of not using Omega Horseshine so I ordered more hoped it would help. About 3 months later I have seen improvements in his hooves – no longer was there tough hooves, and the splits and cracks…They are all gone! This farrier is now asking me what I have done different!

It is winter and I do not clip until spring – so my horse looks like a fuzzy bear (the draft coming out in him!) but the difference in his winter coat is something I missed! The colors are back that were gone (no longer a dull brown, the golden color in him has returned). And his coat is SOFT! I cannot wait until I do clip him and see the nice summer coat he will end up with. I do not know if the Omega Horseshine is the reason or not, but his muscle tone “different”. I do not know how to describe it, but normally during the winter when it is cold, I do not ride as much, but the tone of muscle is not disappearing on me like it did last winter when I was not feeding Omega Horseshine. Here is hoping to a successful show season this year!

A quick note about my other horse, he is an older Arabian gelding who has wonderful hooves, but with his age, I worry about his joints. He was converted from a 75-100 mile endurance horse to a dressage horse at 15 years “young” and now has a new career change by being driven (not competitive, only pleasure). The differences with him has also improved his coat (and he is a grey!) and his joints are staying healthy! So now at 23, he is still going strong but on the Omega Horseshine I do not worry.

In the future, no matter how tight things may get, my horses will be getting Omega Horseshine! If you can only afford one supplement – this should be what you try! It works!