Improved PSA Leels — No Abnormal Prostate Cell Activity!

I am a 75 year old male in excellent health and very active. My urologist in Shreveport, LA recommended I try using the product when we discovered my PSA was climbing above 6.0. He had been associated with Dr. Wendy DeMark, Nutritionist Researcher at Duke University, and was interested in the clinical study she was doing on Mega Omega® and prostate cancer. Although I was not able to officially take part in her study, I started using the recommended daily amount of Mega Omega® about 8 years ago. My PSA began to improve, and at my last exam it was found I no longer had an elevated PSA or the attendant worrisome condition of abnormal cell activity in my prostate. I continue to follow the Mega Omega® regimen. My son-in-law has also begun to follow it at the age of 53. He obviously was impressed by my success and aware of the other health benefits of the product! We are great believers in using anything natural to avoid using drugs!