Just Wanted to Say Thanks

Just want to say thanks. I won a bag of Omega Horseshine at the Parelli heart and soul. I started my horse on it right away in April and took off 3 other supplements. I had been trying to grow some good hoof for almost 2 years on my horse. He foundered bad because where I used to board him they thought I was crazy having him on only 4 hours of turnout a day and while I was on vacation decided to leave him out all day. I came home to a horse after being away 2 weeks that had gained 300 pounds and couldn’t walk. I’ve had great luck getting him sound and fit good solid hoof growth has been a nightmare. I was grinding flax everyday, giving him a product containing biotin and a probiotic. Four months after starting on the Omega Horseshine and holy hoof growth. I actually had to have my blacksmith out at 3 weeks intervals, this month I think we should be able to hold off for 5 weeks this time. Everyone at the barn comments on how shiny his coat is. I am very impressed with this product and so are my horse’s feet. Thanks again.