Local Poster Child for Omega Horseshine

On a cool day in January of 2012, my Christmas present was loaded into a plain white trailer. After losing the horse I spent also my entire life with back in 2008, I was skeptical to buy another. So after my, then, fiance surprised me with the opportunity to pick out my next horse, I did a lot of looking. Needless to say I brought this $800 scroungy little bay home and called him Rory. Being a vet tech for 9 years and a firm believer in an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, I make my best attempts at a healthy life for all of my animals. Rory was immediately put on Omega Horsehsine and never missed a beat. Soon as the weather began changing, this dull brown coat melted away into dreamy dapples. The ‘little brown horse’ was suddenly causing a stir wherever he went, and became the local poster child for Omega Horseshine. I’ve had more offers to buy him just based on his color alone. As the years have passed, he’s maintained his glorious ‘glow’ and has now become flea bitten. Currently a therapy horse at the Miles of Smiles Foundation, a ranch providing mental health services to veterans suffering from PTSD at no charge, he is always one of the first picks based on his color. I am so thankful to find a supplement to keep my boy looking and feeling his best!