Love the Stuff

I adopted a 5yr old Australian Shepherd from the pound in May. When I got him, he was very matted and extremely tick infested. The vet had to shave him practically bald to get rid of both problems. 

I have my horses on Omega Horseshine and love it, so I thought I’d try Canine Shine on Cooper. With his ticks and mats removed, he was left with dry, itchy, scabby skin. 

I started him on the supplement a couple weeks after I adopted him, and he’s been on it a week now. The short hair that’s begun to grow back in on his body is coming in silky soft, and the longer hair that was left on his head and feet is now gleaming in the light, and he’s no longer itchy.

The only thing I’ve had a bit of a problem with is that Cooper doesn’t necessarily enjoy eating it. He’s not a big fan of dog food to begin with (people food apparently is much more appealing), and will not clean up the powder that does not stick to the kibbles. I think this is just Cooper being Cooper, though, since my mom’s dog is more than eager to come in and lick the bowl clean if given the chance.

This product is worth every penny, as is Omega Horseshine. I plan on being a lifetime customer.