Loves Omega Nibblers & Omega Nuggets!

I absolutely LOVE Omega Fields Nibblers and Nuggets. My dog and horse have shiny coats and can’t wait for their treats. My dog sits and looks at the container… “begging” and the horse runs in from the field to get his Nibblers! Time to make some for cats now too! My cat wants to eat the dog treats!

I have atached a picture of my Palomino and Sorrel quarter horse that both love Nibblers! My Palomino is so beautiful when he sheds out! I have put down the Sorrel gelding gelding last Fall, but I am convinced that he lived a better and longer life thanks to Nibblers. He had foundered and I know flax helped his feet the last few years. And his coat was beautiful. He was my copper penny and my golden palomino always looked so good in the summer grazing in the green grass!!!