Major Results

Hi, I have been very faithful Omega Horseshine Customer for several years now. My horses rarely go a day without it. It has been amazing. I no longer worry about sand colic like I did in years past. My horses coats, manes and tails are in such good condition! I recently switched to Omega Grande and now it is my favorite! I wanted to show you some incredible results on one particular horse. I have been rescuing horses from time to time over the years. This horse came to me in February of this year. He had been abandoned in a pasture with no grass and very little water and no shelter. His “well-meaning” owners did not know how to care for him and thought that deer corn for a 2 year old was adequate. He was unable to chew it and the first photo is evidence of his neglect. My first task with his poor baby was to stabilize him with fluids and gentle amounts of fiber. Once he was hydrated and had better gut sounds ( about 36 hours) I started him on wet beet pulp, Omega Horseshine, powdered electrolytes and a tiny amount of senior pellets. It took about a month to begin to really see him flourish and begin to show life. He had no energy, no spark in his eye. He had all but given up. The horse turned out to be an unregistered TB stallion, probably culled out of a Thoroughbred farm in nearby Ocala, Florida. He apparently went through at least 2 auctions and was most likely so thin even the kill buyers did not want him. I purchased him for 200.00 and told the previous owner that if he did not surrender him, I would most certainly make some phone calls. It took him a few hours to realize what those calls would be and he later phoned me to come get the horse. I had my trailer hooked up and was over there in 30 minutes. His name is now “Major” as in Major Undertaking or Major Improvement. He recently won an Extreme Makeover Contest on a Horse Rescue Information Network (web site). Major has now been gelded, he has had his teeth floated, shots, blood work, feet trimmed and much more. He is currently being lunged lightly with a saddle and is being ground trained with Parelli Natural Horsemanship. He is beautiful, smart and sweet. I have Omega Horseshine Grande to Thank for his life changing results!! I am certain he was full of Florida sand as a result of his constant foraging for something to eat, his coat was shot, he had rain rot and his hooves were extremely brittle, cracked and damaged. You would never know it to look at them now! He is THE picture of health!! I will be a forever Omega Horseshine Fan!!