Money & Allergy Saving

I have been using your product for 4 years now. I use Omega Horseshine® from March through September, because of the bugs during that time of year. My husband’s gelding, Mac, had vet bills piling up because of an allergic reaction that manifested as puss-filled sores/bites. After antibiotics, ointments, sprays, and finally a biopsy, the final recommendation, after several months of trying different treatments, was to use more fly spray! (unhealthy if the immune system is already stressed out). It just didn’t feel right to me. Poor guy had scars from prior bouts before we had him. So I did some searching and found Omega Horseshine®. What a savior! Mac no longer suffers allergic reactions and his coat and feet are in beautiful condition. Thank you for a money saving, allergy saving product!! You are the BEST! I tell everyone about Omega Horseshine®.