Mustang Aprroved, Sweet Itch Approved, Picky Eater Approved

The collage is of the day before I got her in January 2015 (top) and just now July 2019 (bottom). She has been out of work for 6 weeks of forced summer break aka torture for her, she loves working but we were overdue for some let-down time. Now that I have her coming back to work, it feels like she hasn’t lost a bit of fitness.

I have had Melody on Omega Horseshine nearly as long as I have had her, which is 4.5 years. When I adopted her from the Mustang Magic makeover in January 2015 she was about 4 months from wild so she came without a lot of condition on her. Over our years together we have worked hard at learning to be great partners and keeping our fitness up. All along our journey we have had Omega Horseshine supporting Melody to be her best self. It helps her battle her year round allergies and insane sweet itch here in FL, where there are always bugs and pollen. It has helped her regrow her mane and tail and keeps them strong and shiny, we have had a slow time regrowing her mane as we still battle the sweet itch. Because of her allergies she wears fly sheets a lot of the time but she doesn’t get rubbed or scruffed up hair, her skin and coat stay healthy and shiny all year round. All the omegas and amino acids help her stay as healthy as a horse plus the added biotin in the updated formula has made her already great Mustang feet even better. Because we are in FL and a lot of our grazing areas are sandy, the natural digestive benefits of the flax gives me peace of mind that she stays moving and sand won’t slow us down unless we are galloping through it on the trail. Because she is supported so well through our supplement program, we have been able to school 1 meter jumping and first level dressage movements, have tried out endurance riding, regularly do hunter paces and I’m planning to do a season with our area foxhunting club this winter.

Horseshine is a permanent part of our SmartPak strip, which makes it super easy to know Melody is getting the freshest possible product and the correct serving size every morning for breakfast. I have felt the sway of advertising by other companies but when it comes down to the comparisons, Omega Horseshine has always given me the result I am looking for in supporting my girl and helping her be her best, healthiest self. Mustang approved, sweet itch approved, picky eater approved, no crumb left behind with Horseshine. Why would I feed anything else?