Omega-3 Horseshine Gang!

The Boys were introduced to Omega-3 Horseshine two years ago at the recommendation of a friend whose horse is I-R and Cushings because the second horse from the left is insulin resistant.

I cannot say enough good about this product. If I thought everyone’s hooves were healthy “before Omega-3 Horseshine”, there is no comparison to the exemplary hoof and coat condition they now all display.

My I-R horse is fortunate to never have foundered and I am sure the quality of your product and frequent trimming are keeping his hooves healthy. Even the Trimmer marvels at his great hoof quality.

I will never understand why so many folks choose to push 2-4 cups daily of blackoil sunflower seed (a bird feed high in Omega-6) into their horses, when they could feed 1/2 cup daily of the Omega-3 Horseshine, have a balanced ratio of Omega-3’s to 6’s, and achieve far better results!

Their thinking that 50# of BOSS is much cheaper than 20# of Omega-3 Horseshine falls “penny wise and pound foolish” as my grandmother used to say.

I might add that none of these horses have ever been in the show ring. They are backyard, very experienced, trail horses. It is easy to achieve a show quality coat by adding your product to a good diet; there are four horses in my pasture to prove it! 🙂